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Crown Micro is a top-ranked, global supplier of semi-conductors, electronic components and leading edge computer products. For over 25 Years, Crown Micro has been the innovative leader in helping resellers and manufacturers meet their customers' demands. Our outstanding inventory management enables us to move product quickly and efficiently through the channel, enabling faster lead times and lower prices for our customers.

Supplying all your manufacturing and Reseller needs is what we do best. Crown Micro has the growing strength needed to bring you the quality in all computer components and peripherals you are looking for. Crown Micro partners with industry leading brands like AMD, Intel, ATI, Seagate, Toshiba, WD, Sandisk, Samsung, Micron, Kingston and many others. Crown Micro is your direct link to the industry's best components at the best price.

Your success is the foundation of our business. To help you succeed, we stock the right products, provide outstanding service, and all at the right price. Let Crown Micro be your partner for success. Call or Email us today.


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